Foodways in American History

History 103D.006

Fall 2017
3104 Dwinelle
Day & Time: 
M 12-2
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This course will introduce students to the history of foodways in North America from the Columbian Exchange through late twentieth century. Through the lens of food, students will examine major themes in American environmental history, social and cultural history, and the history of globalization and capitalism. Key topics include: the environmental impact of the Columbian Exchange; the legacy of slavery on American and global foodways; the role of food in constructing American identities, including understandings of race, gender, class, and immigrant communities; the industrialization and regulation of food production; the rise of nutrition science and public health movements; and the countercultural food movement of the late twentieth century. The course will also focus on historical methods, examining how historians form research questions and use primary and secondary sources to construct historical arguments. The course will prepare students to write their 101 thesis by guiding them through the process of writing a research prospectus on any topic in the history of foodways in North America.