Hindu/Muslim: Religion, Politics, and Violence in South Asia during the past Millennium

History 103F.003

Fall 2017
2303 Dwinelle
Day & Time: 
Th 10-12
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  • This course has been cancelled.
  • This course is concerned broadly with the relationship between the categories of "religion" and "politics" and the practices of violence which lie at their intersection, and in particular with rethinking the terms we use to imagine religious violence in the past and the present. As a case, we will focus on the longue durÌ©e history of the Indian subcontinent, and the relationship between Hinduism and Islam as it has manifested over the last millennium. Through reading a mix of postcolonial historical scholarship and precolonial primary sources, we will critically investigate the Islamic conquest of India; the historic evolution of the concept of "Hindu" and "Muslim"; and the politics of memory of this relationship in the twentieth century. No prior experience with the history of India is required for this class. Students will be responsible for regular response papers and will craft an essay on the themes of the class over the course of the semester.