Transgressions and repressions; crimes and punishments in Atlantic Society, 1500-1800

History 103U.001

Fall 2017
3104 Dwinelle
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W 10-12
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Our course concentrates on the occurrence, nature, and causes of secular and religious transgressions and the institutions of control designed to punish transgressors in early modern Atlantic societies. We will explore the everyday lives and actions of (ex)ordinary people caught up in the mechanisms of the control of crime and religious transgression. Our course will analyze specific examples, questions, and problems in the historiography of early modern Atlantic Inquisitions, secular and ecclesiastical courts, and other institutions of social control in western Europe, Latin America, and the Colonial America. Topical readings for critical discussion and writing include works from the Spanish and Portuguese inquisitions in Europe and the New World; crime and punishment in 17th and 18th century London; gender and crime; and the Salem witch trials among others. Students will have the opportunity to work on a prospectus for further research and writing for a 101 writing seminar.