Introduction to Science, Technology, and Society: Human Contexts and Ethics of Data

History C182C

Spring 2018
Lewis 100
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MWF 1-2pm
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In Spring 2018 this class will offer a special focus on data analytics and information technologies in the contemporary world, as an exemplary case of science, technology, and society. The course provides an introduction to the field of Science and Technology Studies (STS) as a way to study how our knowledge and technology shape and are shaped by social, political, historical, economic, and other factors. We will learn key concepts of the field (e.g., how technologies are understood and used differently in different communities) and explore how human values and technology can interact (e.g., how values are embedded in technical systems, shape the choices of their users, and pose ethical questions for their creators). This class has been proposed to meet the Human Contexts and Ethics requirement of the proposed Data Science major.