Writer's Group & Early Modern European Topics

History 101.001

Fall 2018
2303 Dwinelle
Day & Time: 
TuTh 12–2
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This section is designed for seniors with well-conceived thesis projects that do not fit within the rubrics of other 101 seminars. Members of the group will observe a common schedule in developing, drafting, and critiquing material but will not share a common subject area.

Admission requires a written statement and the consent of the instructor. The statement should include:

  1. A 250 word description of the proposed thesis topic including preliminary research questions;
  2. A preliminary annotated bibliography (with full citations) of suitable primary sources;
  3. A short (half page) bibliography of secondary sources;
  4. A list of previous coursework in the proposed field of research;
  5. And the name of a departmental instructor in that field who is willing to help mentor the student by providing bibliographical guidance, occasional consultation, and a critique of the first draft of the thesis.

Students apply online by submitting the online preference form, and must also submit their statements directly to Professor Sahlins via email to sahlins@berkeley.edu beginning Wednesday August 1 and no later than Wednesday August 15.

Although most applicants will not have had time to develop rigorous statements by the application deadline, they must demonstrate the viability of their projects and their commitment to serious preparation in advance of the course. This section is limited to students whose work clearly falls outside the scope of other 101 sections. If in doubt, please apply.