America and the World in 1968

History 103D.001

Fall 2018
3104 Dwinelle
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Fifty years later, the flashpoints and transformations of 1968 continue to captivate historians. For the United States and much of the world, the year was defined by political, social, and cultural upheaval. This seminar will ponder the major events, themes, and trends that many scholars see as evidence of a revolutionary moment. Assigned readings with be divided between sources grounded in the United States and material on other places like Saigon, Paris, Prague, and Mexico City. Discussion will embark on a deep exploration into this pivotal time for American history and pursue the intellectual and institutional threads that connected people across national boundaries. The class aspires to breadth and granularity, empirical understanding and theoretical contemplation. Video and music will complement primary and secondary source readings.

Writing assignments will be an opportunity to produce historiographical critique, a synthetic analytical argument, or original research. Students can choose to write about 1968 in the context of other years and to focus on domestic or transnational subjects.