Britain, Europe, and Modernity

History 101.006

Spring 2018
3205 Dwinelle
Day & Time: 
MW 4-6
Class Number: 

This seminar welcomes all students whose historical interests tend toward British history or, more broadly, European history (including Europe in relation to colonial empire) since 1500. Projects that are based in interdisciplinary research (law, science, art, etc.) are particularly encouraged.

Early in the semester, class meetings will focus on various ways to conduct historical research and how to translate that research into effective academic writing. We will also explore research materials available on or near campus. Then, throughout the rest of the semester, we will maintain a common schedule of research, drafting arguments, and critiquing one another’s work.

Students are welcome to research and write about any topic that interests them so long as they have a clear and pointed research question. Anyone who wishes to take the class needs to write to me before the end of the fall semester. I will be interested to know what question motivates your research, what historical materials you intend to work with, what historical literature you are engaged with, what history courses you have already taken, and if there is another faculty member that you have been working with in relation to the ideas that you have for this project.