Research Topics on the History of Atlantic Societies, 1400-1900

History 101.007

Spring 2018
2231 Dwinelle
Day & Time: 
MW 12-2
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Our research and writing seminar is for students interested in writing a 101 thesis on any topic concerning the history of the peoples in the Atlantic basin (1400-1900). Students may have interests as varied as European institutions and overseas expansion in the early modern world; transformations of the Columbian exchange and indigenous societies; colonial Americas; Africa and African Diaspora in the Americas; Atlantic revolutions; or any comparative approach (intellectual, cultural, social, economic or political) to the history of the Atlantic world. Early meetings will focus on research design and strategies (best approaches for writing history) and formulation of specific research questions for your topic. During the rest of the semester, the focus will be on supporting your research and writing with peer discussion and individual consultation.