Latin America, Borderlands, and Indigenous Peoples

History 101.008

Spring 2018
3104 Dwinelle
Day & Time: 
MW 10-12
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This class is primarily designed for students who have made Latin America their area of concentration, while also providing support for students looking to work on borderlands topics, or who wish to study Latin America comparatively. Students will write a 30- to 50-page paper on some aspect of the social, cultural, political, or economic history and class meetings will focus on the process of research and writing, with a significant amount of time spent on the craft of writing, The seminar is open in terms of topics and country of focus. All that is required is to ask interesting questions, pursue the answers rigorously, and make the most use possible (given availability and language skills) of sources in Spanish and Portuguese. The libraries here, especially the Bancroft Library, have an extraordinary collection of material. Starting with your broad interests, you will track down primary materials to work with, examine them in light of prior scholarship, probe them with significant questions of your own, and over a series of drafts, produce a solid and compelling piece of scholarly research.

This will be hard work. But if you start strong and work steadily, it will also be a rich and rewarding experience. A key part of starting strong is narrowing your topic and identifying your source materials as soon as you can. Everyone signing up for this seminar is therefore required to meet with the instructor (or correspond, if you are not on campus) well before the beginning of spring semester, and hopefully prior to 15 November.