The American Century: Cultural and Political History from 1890 to 1980

History 101.010

Spring 2018
3205 Dwinelle
Day & Time: 
MW 12-2
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In 1941, Henry Luce published the famous Life magazine editorial “The American Century.” His logic was political, cultural, and even moral and economic. In this History 101 seminar we will spend some time discussing the implications of US cultural, political, and economic hegemony, in particular what that meant in terms of national identity and changing ideas about region, nation, and the global order during the twentieth century. But mostly we will get to the business of writing your 101 theses on topics related to political and cultural history of the United States from 1890 to 1980. Our focus will be the research and writing process, beginning with the feasibility of research topics, developing a sound argument with good evidence, and continuing to work together on historiography, methodology, analysis, and writing. Students should contact the professor in advance of the seminar to discuss possible topics and, if possible, research questions. Topics could include issues of national identity, regional identity/culture/history, social or cultural/counterculture movements, the arts and the built environment, and many other topics that touch on national or transnational perspectives during this period.