Topics in U.S. Social and Cultural History

History 101.012

Spring 2018
3205 Dwinelle
Day & Time: 
MW 10-12
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This seminar is a thesis-writing workshop for students who will write their theses on U.S. history using the sources, research questions, and methodologies of social and/or cultural history. This class would be a great fit for students planning to conduct research using primary sources that explore the beliefs, experiences, and daily lives of ordinary people, such as newspaper articles; letters, diaries, and journals; popular literature (fiction and non-fiction); oral histories or interviews; census records; marriage, birth, or death records; administrative records from unions, clubs, or other voluntary organizations; photographs, films, advertisements, or other visual materials; and material artifacts like clothing, furniture, or household items. All research questions pertaining to the United States (or the land that later became the United States) before 1991 are welcome. Students are strongly encouraged to contact the professor before the semester begins to discuss potential research questions and primary source bases.