California History - Session D

History 127AC

Summer 2014
Second 6 Week Session
160 Dwinelle
Day & Time: 
MTuWTh 12-2P
  • This course satisfies the American Cultures Requirement.
  • “If America is the land where the world goes in search of miracles and redemption,” Time magazine once noted, “California is the land where Americans go.” This survey course will explore the history of California, from its native past to its present, as both a geographical place and as an idea as laden with expectation as the idea of America itself. Topics will include indigenous cultures and pre-contact California; exploration and conquest; frontier labor, economies, and societies; water and agriculture; urban growth and decline; migration and immigration; gender, race, ethnicity, and citizenship; political cultures and trends; Hollywood and the popular culture industry; and the perpetual myth of California as the Promised Land, or “America’s America.”  Readings for the course will include primary source texts (letters, memoir, fiction, song lyrics, etc.) along with several works by historians. Assignments will include two 5 - 7 page papers and a comprehensive final exam.

    Course Books

    Slouching toward Bethlehem by Didion, Joan FSG press . ISBN: 978-0374531386 Required
    If he hollers let home go by Himes, chester De Capi press. ISBN: 978-1560254454 Required
    california by Starr, Kevin Modern library. ISBN: 978-0812977530 Required
    california by Starr, Kevin Modern library. ISBN: 978-0812977530 Required
    Induan survival on the California frontier by Hurtado, A Yale university press. ISBN: 978-0300047981 Required
    California: An Interpretive History, 10th Edition by Bean, Walton and James Rawls McGraw-Hill. ISBN: 978-0073406961 Required
    American Babylon by Self, Robert Princeton University Press. ISBN: 978-0691124865 Required
    If He Hollers Let Him Go by Himes, Chester Da Capo Press. ISBN: 978-1560254454 Required
    The Shirley Letters by Clappe, Louise Amelia Knapp Smith Heyday. ISBN: 978-1890771003 Required
    Intimate Frontiers by Hurtado, Albert University of New Mexico Press. ISBN: 978-0826319548 Required