“Science, Knowledge, and the Atlantic World”

The rediscovery and colonization of the Americas radically changed the ways we understand the natural world. European mariners charted unexplored continents, colonial administrators learned about valuable flora from indigenous peoples, and new objects flowed both ways across the Atlantic. This context of exploration, domination, and exchange framed – and perhaps caused – the scientific revolution.
Join us for a series of short, public presentations about the history of science and the movement of knowledge in this revolutionary, historical world.
Kathleen Gutierrez, A Philippines of the Atlantic: Repositioning the Archipelago through Plants
Max Schmeder, "A Este Sol Peregrino": Musical and Astronomical Syncretism in Colonial Peru
Julia Lewandoski, Mapping Without the State : Vernacular Land Surveying in Transitional Quebec and Louisiana, 1760-1820
Todd Whelan, The Alchemy of Scientific Authority: Re-presenting African Healing Practices and Creole Empiricism in David Cohen Nassy’s Philadelphia Clinic, 1793
Rodolfo J Alaniz, Chair
The History department and the CSTMS are both sponsoring this event. The CSTMS link to the event is here: http://cstms.berkeley.edu/current-events/science-knowledge-and-the-atlantic-world/
Thursday, April 23, 2015 - 5:00pm
All welcome
470 Stephens