101 Circus: Undergraduate History Research Showcase

The History 101 Circus is the great annual gathering at which undergraduate history majors present research from their 101 seminars.*

Each student will encapsulate their research in a 10 minute presentation followed by 5 minutes of Q&A. Past topics have ranged from WWII coffee advertising to the "greatest murder trial in history."

Feel free to come for the whole day of presentations or drop in for one or two.

* History 101 is designed to guide students through the capstone experience of undergraduate education as a history major: the researching and writing of a senior thesis. Successful completion of this challenging but rewarding endeavor requires students to do the work of a historian. Ultimately, this translates to producing a piece of scholarship—in this case a 30-50 page final paper—in which students articulate and defend a historical argument rooted in extensive primary source research, informed by thorough secondary source reading.

Schedule of Presentations

(Schedule is subject to change.)

10:00 — Welcome to the 101 Circus
Opening Remarks from Department Chair, Professor Ethan Shagan

10:15 — Galileo Frank Perricone
Trapped Between Wooden Walls: How Naval Technology Brought down the Aztec Empire

10:30 — Melody Carey
The Struggle for Hearts and Minds: The Depiction and Reception of Communism in American and French Cinema During the Cold War

10:45 — Hayley Davis
Women Who Won't Eat Meat: Vegetarianism and Domestic Science during the Progressive Era

11:00 — Ryen Bani-Hashemi
Politics of the Heimkehrerfilm

11:15 — Miguel Martinez
Carey McWilliams: An Unexpected Contribution to Mexican American History (1938-1970s)

11:30 — Emma Aiyanna Auer
The Invisibalization and Transformation of Indigenous Slavery

11:45 — Ryan Brown
The Petite Terreur: Limitations on a Free Press

Lunch Break from 12pm-1pm in Ishi Court

1:00 — Brittney Nareau
Untangling the "Primrose Path": Female Criminality in Progressive Era Oakland

1:15 — Isabel Papadimitriou
The League for Democracy in Greece: Creating a Different Foreign Policy for the British Labour Party, 1945-1951

1:30 — Emilyanne Clancy
Unfulfilled Promises. From Ideology to a Practice: A Women's Experience in Berlin

1:45 — Aysia D. Demby
The Chinese Eastern Railway Conflict: Socialism, Imperialism and the East

2:00 — Jeffrey Leach
The Threat of Celticism: The Cultural Imperialism of Ireland’s Ruling Class, 1916-1924

2:15 — Avir Waxman
Rebuking Reform: Rosa Luxemburg's Response to Finance Capital

2:30 — Reyna Lynn Benson
The Last Stage of Grief is Free Cinema: Coming to Terms with the Death of the British Empire Through Everyday Britons, 1956-1959

2:45 — Emilio Flamenco
The Un-Doing of Brazilian Cinema Novo

3:00 — Camille Jetta
Fun City Rotting: Labor, Liberals, and the New York Garbage Strike of 1968

3:15 — Jamie Shen
"What Kind of Man Owns His Computer?": Gender in Early Personal Computer Advertising

3:30 — Jonathan Morales
"The Environmental Thing": NATO, Environmental Diplomacy, and the Committee on the Challenges of Modern Society

3:45 — Kyung Hoon Min
Czechoslovakian Dissident Literature

4:00 — Mason Jon Parker
A Beacon on the Hill: International House from Founding to Free Speech as an Institution Avant-Garde

Light Refreshments

Wednesday, May 2, 2018 - 10:00am
All Welcome
3335 Dwinelle Hall