285 Circus: Graduate Student Research Showcase

A gathering for graduate students to present their History 285 research.

  • Jonathan Andrew Lear, "Backwardness and Futurism in Japanese Atomic Power."
  • Russell L. Weber, "'The Most Cruel and Inhuman Massacre': Emotions Rhetorics, Standing-Armies, and Boston's Massacre."
  • Gloria Yu, "Neuropathology in the Courtroom: Automatism, Personhood, and Moral Responsibility in Nineteenth Century Britain."
  • Craig Johnson, "Thugs and Theology: Tacuara and the Second Vatican Council."
  • Peter Vale,"Imagining Capital in Africa: The Production of a Global Copper Market in Colonial Congo."
Thursday, December 8, 2016 - 2:00pm
All Welcome
3335 Dwinelle Hall