Big Give 2018: Seize the Moment

What is Big Give?
Big Give is an online fundraising event that gives you and the entire Cal community — alumni, parents, students, faculty, staff, and friends — the chance to come together to support your favorite schools and programs, and help those schools and programs win prize money. This is our fourth annual Big Give event. Visit the Big Give website for more information.

How will the Department of History use donations?
The Department of History utilizes funds from Big Give in the same ways that other unrestricted donations are used:

  • Travel grants for undergraduates researching the material for their senior thesis projects;
  • Summer grants (for travel or language study) for graduate students;
  • Dissertation write-up grants for PhD candidates;
  • Conference travel for graduate students who are presenting papers or participating in job interviews;
  • Prizes for the best dissertation and undergraduate thesis;
  • Equipment for the graduate computer lab;
  • Workstudy positions that provide instructional support;
  • A graduate facilities coordinator position.

Most importantly, unrestricted donations allow the department to direct funding to students in any field of study, so that the money can be used where it is most needed. This unrestricted funding has enabled us to enhance our multi-year funding package so that we can continue to focus on maintaining the quality that is defined by a Berkeley degree.

How can I give to the Department of History?
Simply visit Enter the amount of your gift, click continue, and complete the form on the following page.

Thursday, March 8, 2018 (All day)
All Welcome
Online at