Fourth Berkeley International and Global History Conference: The Contingency of Transmission

Friday, September 22 — Saturday, September 23

At this conference we aim to grapple with global dynamics and the international transmission of ideas, goods, and people as historically contingent processes. Scholars have in recent times wondered if globalization has an unstoppable trajectory, and some have resisted applying historical methods to what seemed a set of topics bound up in structural inevitability. Even as the movement of ideas and capital has reached new peaks, resurgent anxieties about the permeability of national boundaries have initiated profound policy changes regarding migration and international trade. These topics have also refreshed scholarly and popular debates. As in the past, we may see a retrenchment of patterns in globalization that before seemed inexorable. This contingency of global integration only speaks to the need for historians to engage international dynamics with humility toward the power and specifics of change. Never has global history been as relevant, among both disciplines that study the global and fields of historical research.

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Saturday, September 23, 2017 - 9:00am
Registration Required
3335 Dwinelle Hall