From Mandarins to Mulian: A Celebration of David Johnson's Legacy

This conference in honor of David Johnson, Professor Emeritus, Department of History, UC Berkeley will include presentations by his former students: Beverly Bossler, UC Davis; Ned Davis, University of Hawaii; Andrea S. Goldman, UCLA; Qitao Guo, UC Irvine; Mark Halperin, UC Davis; Robert Hymes, Columbia University; Keith Knapp, The Citadel; Lin Ching-chih, National Chengchi University; Peter Nickerson, independent scholar.

For over thirty years at Berkeley, David Johnson tirelessly and skillfully mentored graduate students in their explorations of pre-modern China's rich and varied past. In his own research, he boldly moved from intensive analysis of the shape and structure of the medieval ruling class to innovative studies of popular literature and religion in both medieval and late imperial times. He created and led the pioneering Chinese Popular Culture Project, which brought scholars to Berkeley on post-doctoral fellowships, assembled an archive of audio-visual materials, and generated numerous publications. His work has fundamentally advanced our understanding of the beauty, complexity, and depth of pre-modern China's non-elite culture.

Friday, October 10, 2014 - 9:00am
All welcome
180 Doe Library