Placing Asia: UC Berkeley Haas Junior Scholars Conference (Day 2)

What is Asia? Since the evolution of Area Studies out of its singular post-war focus on defining and understanding alterity, the field has grappled with this central question through an array of analytical frames: the nation-state, identity, culture, belief systems, economies, flows, and connectivity. This conference seeks to move area studies forward, beyond these analytic containers that have been used to explain how Asia comes to be constituted. To do so, the panels explore novel approaches to Place Asia through place projections, temporality, the event, space, and professionalism. Scholars participating in this conference discuss their original research that spans several different regions of Asia over various time periods. Collectively they engage with a wide range of research materials that transect empirical and interdisciplinary theoretical debates. In so doing, the participants aim to broaden the scope of possibilities for how Asia can be studied and understood.

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Saturday, April 28, 2018 - 8:45am
All Welcome
IEAS Conference Room—1995 University Avenue, 5th Floor