Stephen Vider - U.S. Women, Gender & Sexuality Faculty Search Talk

Stephen Vider

Cassius Marcellus Clay Postdoctoral Fellow in the History of Sexuality

Yale Univerisy


“No Place Like Home: A Cultural History of Gay Domesticity, 1948-1993.”


This talk examines how gay men used and imagined domestic spaces, and how they responded to broader discourses and representations that conceived gay men as outsiders to the ideal American household. Scholars of the American home and family during the Cold War have tended to focus on heterosexual men and women who hewed closely, if not perfectly, to middle-class suburban ideals. Scholars in LGBT history, meanwhile, have tended to overlook the home, focusing instead on public and commercial spaces. Drawing on diverse examples from gay “marriages” of the 1950s to gay communes of the 1970s,Vider reconsiders the role of domestic space in shaping gay identity, community, and politics.


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Wednesday, February 5, 2014 - 4:00pm
3335 Dwinelle Hall