Third Berkeley International and Global History Conference: Ideas and Ideology in the Global Past

The history of ideas, from science and religion to philosophy, has a rich tradition of nation-based scholarship. Yet ideas, as non-material and communicable things, can easily move across barriers of language and space. The recent turn toward studying histories that escape national and regional frames offer historians of ideas and ideology a fruitful way to examine how concepts emerged, grew, and transformed across national or imperial borders. Historians stand to learn much about the making of the past, and the contemporary world, by examining ideas about the natural world, theology, concepts of governance, and local expertise across space and between societies. Points of entry include the migration of knowledge, the relationship between ideas and material events and processes, the resistance to and exercise of new ideas, the transference of ideas across time periods and geographies, and how ideology informs and is informed by techniques of governance. Join us as Graduate Students and Faculty, both from Berkeley and other institutions, discuss these issues.

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Saturday, February 28, 2015 - 9:00am
All welcome
3335 Dwinelle