109C Summer 2013 The Modern Middle East- Session D (Jul 8- Aug 16)

History 109C examines some of the major developments in the history of the modern Middle East, from the late 18th century, through the breakup of the Ottoman Empire and the formation of modern nation states, to the present. Though the geographical focus is on the Arab Middle East, we will also look at neighboring areas (Turkey, Israel, Iran) in order to offer a broader perspective.

280F.002 Spring 2013 Governing China in Late Imperial and Modern Times

With the fall of the Qing and the founding of the Republic in 1911, political arrangements in China underwent significant changes. The Qing Empire transformed into a Chinese Republic. The Chinese Republic contained frontiers and borderlands that defied the unifying and standardizing constructions of a Republican Chinese citizenship. Tension between the heartland and the frontier poses major challenges to 20th-century Chinese aspirations for the building of an integrated Chinese nation-state.

280F.001 Spring 2013 Nationalism, Revolution and Reaction in Indonesia and Vietnam

This course compares approaches to the history of nationalism, revolution and counter-revolutionary reaction in the two largest and best-studied countries of Southeast Asia: Indonesia and Vietnam.   At the center of this comparative project is the fact that nationalist and communist movements emerged simultaneously in these two countries during the late colonial era and survived a common period of protracted Japanese occupation.  But they followed very different trajectories in the post-colonial era.  Following WWII, the Vietnamese communist movement dominated the nation

111C Spring 2013 Political and Cultural History of Vietnam

This course provides an introduction to Vietnamese history from the mythic origins of the Vietnamese people to the end of the Vietnam War in 1975. Special emphasis will be placed on "modern" developments from the late 18th century.

118C Spring 2013 Empire and Alienation: The 20th Century in Japan

The general theme of this course is Japan's emergence as a world power in its two phases, military and economic. Our chief concern will be with the experience within Japan of that emergence and its consequences: the impact on farming villages (including colonial villages sending labor migrants to Japan) of "late" industrialization; the emergence of a conflict, played out in actual lives, between notions of individuality vs.

117D Spring 2013 The Chinese Body: Medicine and Health, Sex and Gender

This course maps the dramatic changes made to associations with the archetypal "Chinese body" (male and female) over the long sweep of Chinese history, focusing on four time periods: the early empires (4th c.

116B Spring 2013 Two Golden Ages: China During the Tang and Song Dynasties

This course explores Chinese history and culture in the period from the 7th to the 13th centuries, when China achieved unprecedented military, political, and cultural power in East Asia. It concentrates on the fundamental transformation of state and society that took place between the 8th and 12th centuries, and on the nature of the new "early modern" order that had come into existence by the end of the Southern Song.

114B Spring 2013 Modern South Asia

This course introduces students to key moments, characters, and themes in modern Indian history, and invites them to think carefully about the written and visual recasting of this past.  It examines how this history from the 1526 establishment of the Mughal Court until the 1947 formation of the Republic of India has been recorded and reconstructed in primary documents, films, novels, short stories, and narratives of historians.

112B Spring 2013 Modern South Africa

This course will examine three centuries of South African history that account for the origin and development of the recently dismantled apartheid regime. Our aim is to understand the major historical forces that progressively shaped what became a turbulent socio-cultural, economic, political, and racial frontier.


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