285U.001 Fall 2008 Britain and Empire

Course details and description posted under the 280U listing.

280U.001 Fall 2008 Britain and Empire

This course will explore the historical development of the modern British empire. Particular attention will be paid to questions of the political economy of empire, the nature of the imperial state,
the rise of nationalist and internationalist critiques of empire and the process of decolonization. The class will be open to students who wish to write a 285 paper around one of these areas.

103U.002 Fall 2008 History and Theory

";History"; is not just so many dead presidents, and in this seminar we will be exploring different ways of imagining, writing, filming, commemorating, and even escaping history. This seminar begins with canonical works in the philosophy of history, surveys developments in theory and criticism from structuralism to structuralism, and concludes with recent debates about history and memory in museum and pop culture.

101.004 Spring 2008 The Writer

This section is designed for seniors with well-conceived thesis projects that do not fit within the rubrics of other 101 seminars. Members of the group will observe a common schedule in developing, drafting, and critiquing material but will not share a common subject area. Admission requires a written statement and the consent of the instructor.


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