285U.001 Fall 2005 Histories of death and of the dead among the living

This research seminar will be a workshop for students who want to work on the history of death and of the dead among the living. It will, after reading some essential anthropological texts and a superb new book about the dead in post communist Hungary, concentrate on Great Britain and continental western Europe from the eighteenth entury to the present. Students with other geographical or temporal interests are, however, welcome. A detailed discussion of the seminar will be posted on my web siote in early May.

103U(R.002 Fall 2005 Theories & Practices of Progress for Africa and Latin America in the 19th & 20th Centuries

This course will explore historical themes eventually leading towards the emergence of the development discourse in the twentieth century. Rather than a history of development as such, we will investigate the connections between colonialism, post-colonialism, gender, and notions of "progress" in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries that set the stage for the post-WWII development debate.


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