285B.001 Spring 2007 Topics in the History of Twentieth Century Europe

I am best equipped to guide research in political, social, economic, and diplomatic history. Participants will be asked to produce a 35-40 page paper based on original research. The projects chosen and structure of the seminar will depend on the interests of the students, and they should consult with me by e-mail or in my office hours about what they might like to do.

285B.003 Spring 2007 Ethics and Political Practice under the Carolingians

This course examines the ethical writings of the Carolingians - both those produced by the clergy for the laity and those produced by laypersons themselves - within three different framings. The first discusses these writings in terms of well-known issues of Carolingian history: for example, the reform program of Christianization and education, relations between clergy and laity, and the extent and nature of literacy. The second asks broader questions: Why do these writings take the form they do (e.g., mirrors for princes)?

280B.003 Fall 2007 The Jews of Early Modern Europe

This course examines Jewish culture, society, and politics in the formative period from the Spanish Expulsion in 1492 to legal emancipation in 1791. During this time, the Jewish people began make the enormously complex transition from medievalism to modernity.

280B.007 Fall 2007 From Empire to Nation-State: The Ottoman-Turkish Transition

As its title indicates, this seminar will explore the transition from the Ottoman Empire to the modern Turkish state. The readings dwell upon the period stretching from the 1890s to the 1930s, although some of them also deal with earlier and later periods. Most of our readings are not confined to the treatment of any particular area of the Empire, but a few of them concentrate on interethnic relations and minorities in the geographic area of modern Turkey. The seminar emphasizes political and cultural history, even though other types of historiography are not neglected.

280B.001 Fall 2007 Cultural Histories of Modern Europe

The seminar will examine a number of works focusing on the burgeoning field of cultural history in nineteenth- and twentieth-century Europe. We will read selected works on the new muses of photography, film and the radio, on painting and public art, on literacy, urban life, on domesticity and domestic display, on eating and drinking, on consumerism and advertising, on the ";revolution of the senses,"; on leisure and sports, and on the cultures of war and peacetime in the twentieth century. Our geographical focus will be trained upon France, Great Britain, Germany and Italy.

280B.008 Fall 2007 Religion and Political Cultures in Early Modern Europe

This graduate seminar will examine religion and political cultures in early modern Europe, including the late medieval background, political theology, the religious controversy over Martin Luther, political iconography and propaganda, and the comparison of western and central European states, court ceremony, etc. Sources in English translation, but reading in other European languages for those willing and able.

280B.006 Fall 2007 280B.006 Fall 2007

The landmarks of Soviet historiography from Leon Trotsky to the latest academic fad, in loose chronological order. Weekly book reviews, no papers.

285B.001 Fall 2007 Topics in Twentieth Century International History

This seminar is intended for those who wish to research an archival-based project (30-40 pages) on an aspect of twentieth century international history, especially since 1945. International history covers inter-state relations, transnational influences and movements and international organizations.


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