Latin America

140B Fall 2016 Modern Mexico

This course will examine Mexico from 1810 – when the Wars for Independence began – to the present. The course’s central theme will be the numerous attempts to “modernize” Mexican politics, economics, society, and culture in the two centuries since independence. Special attention will be paid to the influence of Liberal ideologies, the role of the Catholic Church, and two periods of authoritarian rule – Porfirio Díaz’s 35-year presidency and the 71-year rule of the PRI – that marked Mexico’s modern history.


8A Fall 2016 Becoming Latin America, 1492 to 1824

This class is an introduction to the key trends, people and events that shaped the emergence of Latin America and the Caribbean. Beginning with a brief treatment  of Amerindian societies and cultures prior to 1492 and the earliest encounters  between Europeans and diverse Amerindian peoples, we will consider the mutual  misunderstandings that characterized these early encounters, the subsequent "conquest"  of complex American civilizations, the establishment of colonial rule, and the formation of diverse colonial societies.

100E.002 Fall 2016 Special Topics in Latin American History: Cuba in World History

This course surveys Cuban history, culture, and politics from the fifteenth century to the present.  We will examine bo

103E.002 Spring 2016 From Cultural Encounters to Covert Ops: Approaches to Latin American Relations with the United States

In this seminar, students will examine the history and historiography of Latin American relations with the “Colossus of the North” over the twentieth century. We will consider both traditional lenses for viewing this relationship, such as policy, political economy, and intervention, in addition to newer “transnational” approaches, including work on migration, diaspora, pop culture, public health, and tourism. During the first third of the course, students will gain an understanding of the major historiographical trends in the scholarship.

101.002 Spring 2016 Research Topics in Latin America

This seminar will guide students through the process of completing a senior thesis on a topic within Spanish or Portuguese Latin America or the French and Spanish Caribbean. Our focus will be the research and writing process, ranging from the feasibility of research topics, historiography, methodology, and analysis. Students should contact the professor in advance of the seminar to discuss possible topics and, if possible, research questions.

285E Spring 2016 Latin America

This is a research seminar on Latin American topics.

103E.002 Fall 2015 The Image of the City in Latin America

This is a seminar about the form of the city in Latin America and why it matters. We will approach the topic from two perspectives, considering both the experience of those living in cities and the attempts by politicians, architects and urbanists to plan, organize, and even create cities. Our readings will span the history and countries of Latin America, but the focus will be on the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and on Mexico, Brazil, Cuba, and Argentina.


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