Latin America

103E.003 Fall 2011 Transnational Latin America

NOTE: this section is currently full. If you are interested in this class please see notes above. Scholars have recently embraced a turn towards "transnationalism" as a framework or set of theoretical and methodological approaches for understanding Latin America as a distinct world region. This reading seminar will provide students with an opportunity to evaluate the promises and possibilities of the "transnational turn" through careful reading of recent scholarship in comparison to some classic works in the field.

101.002 Spring 2011 Latin America

This seminar is focused on researching and writing a 30- to 50-page thesis on an important question in the history of Latin America since 1800. The seminar is open in terms of topics and country of focus: past students have written on everything from the political uses of comics in Mexico and the social aftermath of earthquakes in Guatemala to the political economy of hydropower in Argentina.

280E.002 Fall 2010 Recent Works on Modern Mexico in Historiographical Perspective

The common reading in this course consists of recently-published books or articles that are either very good, representing current approaches to the period from independence to the 1970s, or newly-published books the professor would like to read (in the hopes that they, too, are good books). For most class sessions, there will be supplementary reading on reserve that will represent the some of the ";historiographical background"; to the week's common reading. ";Historiography"; means in part the classic works by Mexican and U.S. scholars from the nineteenth century through the 1950s.

275E.001 Fall 2010 Modern Latin America: Histories and Historiographies Healey

This seminar is an introduction to the major issues in the history of modern Latin America. It is intended both as a broad survey and as a solid beginning for future reading, thinking, and research. Organized broadly around the intertwined transformations of citizens, markets and states from 1800 to the present, this class will explore a range of works, from classics to recent landmarks. Our focus will be on how social history has changed our ways of thinking about Latin Americaâ€_Äôs past and modernity, revisiting older questions and exploring new frameworks.

8B Spring 2010 Modern Latin America

This introductory course surveys the history of modern Latin America from independence to the present, with a strong emphasis on the twentieth century. Our focus will be on broad transformations in politics, place, identity, and work. The course will be built around comparative case studies of six main countries, with occasional discussion of developments in other countries.

100.006 Spring 2010 Latin America in the Sixteenth Century: Conquest and the forging of colonial cultures

The Conquest of Latin America in the early sixteenth century is one of the key turning points in the history of the modern world, yet the encounters which brought Amerindians, Europeans and Africans into sustained contact for the first time remain controversial. This class will consider Conquest from several perspectives and introduce students to the variety of interpretive frameworks in which the study of Conquest and the emergence of distinctive colonial cultures has been situated.

103E.002 Fall 2010 Latin America and the World

How have Latin American identities been fashioned in conversation with and in distinction to foreign cultures and societies? How can we characterize the influence of the world on Latin America, and of Latin America on the world? How has Latin Americaâ€_Äôs place in the world changed since the conquest period, and what factors define its relationships today?


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