Middle East

103M Fall 2018 Comparative Middle East Education in the Global Age of Empire

Education is simultaneously an agent of change and a repository of values, revealing a great deal about the belief systems operating in a given society, as well as the shifting constellation of social and political interests at a given time. This course examines the history of “modern” education in the Middle East and North Africa, from the Napoleonic conquest of Egypt in 1798 through the end of World War II, in relation to issues of women and gender, religion, class, state-building, and nationalism.

103M.001 Fall 2017 Cosmopolitanism: questioning difference, toleration, and conflict

This reading seminar will examine the theme of cosmopolitanism in writing the history of the modern Middle East and eastern Mediterranean (c. 1750-present). A rich literature on cosmopolitanism in the Middle East focuses on some of the region's earliest and most dynamic sites of modern transformation. These transformations had dramatically uneven consequences that continue to shape the region's position in the global order to this day.

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