History 24 Course Visits Getty in L.A.

On May 7 Professor Thomas Laqueur with the help of graduate assistant Olivia Benowitz took his History 24 freshman seminar, which has been studying the museums of Berkeley—BAM, the Magnes, the Bancroft, the Jepson Herbarium, the Hearst Anthropology Museum, the Essig Museum of Entomology, among others—on a field trip for the day to the Getty Museum in Los Angeles: early out of Oakland, late back from LAX.

Three curators, including Elliot Kai-Kee, a PhD History alumnus, gave us special tours of the collections and the Maplethrope show, and discussed with us in depth one painting. The seminar had the opportunity of talking informally with the curators at lunch. All of this was made possible by the research funds Professor Laqueur was given by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Undergraduate Education to teach a Freshman Seminar in addition to his regular course load. 

Photos by Olivia Benowitz