Jones-Rogers on the Berkeley Blog: "Police shootings: How many more must perish before we see justice?"

In her recent post on the Berkeley Blog, Stephanie Jones-Rogers, assistant professor of history, explores the ways the U.S. legal system has historically sanctioned deadly force against African Americans, and how that history connects to the prevalence of police shootings of African Americans today.

In recent times, folks have drawn many parallels between the contemporary horrors, which we have increasingly been able to watch unfold on camera, and those which took place during the 20th century, and rightfully so. I could say much more about the linkages between these earlier systems of brutal policing and the litany of police killings in the modern era. But for my purposes here, I’m interested in the ways in which local, state and federal laws undergird the state-perpetrated and state-sanctioned destruction of African-descended people.

Read the full article here: Police shootings: How many more must perish before we see justice?