Tom Brady Named Emeritus Professor of the Year

Peder Sather Chair of History Thomas Brady has been named the 2012 Emeritus Professor of the Year by the UC Berkeley Emeriti Association (UCBEA).  A luminary within the field of German Reformation studies, Brady has been a member of the UC Berkeley faculty since 1987 and in his current role as Professor of the Graduate School since his retirement in 2006.

Brady’s accomplishments as an emeriti are extensive. His prize-winning book, German Histories in the Age of Reformations, 1400-1650 (Cambridge, 2009), is described by reviewers as “one of those few books which can truly be termed a masterpiece.” He has authored 18 articles, reviews, and translations (with five more in press) as well as given 23 scholarly lectures and comments worldwide.  As a Professor of the Graduate School, Brady has taught five courses, served on the committees of 14 completed dissertations (seven as chair), and is currently supervising three more.

Along with the UCBEA’s Emeritus of the Year distinction, Brady has been awarded the Gerald Strauss Prize from the Sixteenth Century Society and Conference for German Histories in the Age of Reformations, 1400-1650.  Furthermore, he received an appointment as an Honorary Member of the Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences and served as Heiko Oberman Visiting Professor of History at the University of Arizona.

“The achievements and the encomia provide a bare taste of Tom Brady’s immense and unfailing contributions to our community,” noted department chair Mary Elizabeth Berry. “Beloved by students, colleagues, and staff alike, Tom watches out for us on a daily basis. Fiat lux is a good description of what happens when he appears in our corridors.”

-Alex Coughlin, History Staff