Beshara B. Doumani

3120 Dwinelle
(510) 643-3147


Lecture courses: surveys of Middle East History (History 12, 109C)

Undergraduate Seminars: The Palestinians (History 39 - Freshman/sophomore seminar); Palestinians and the Arab-Israeli Conflict; Gender and Class in the modern Middle East; History 101: Social History of the Middle East and North Africa.

Graduate SeminarsTopics in the Social and Cultural History fo the Middle East; Family and Modernity in Europe and the Middle East.

Current Service

Member, Board of Directors, 2008-2011. The Middle East Studies Association.

Member, Board of Directors, 2008-2011. Palestine American Research Center

Editorial Board, 2002-Present: Journal of Palestine Studies.

Contributing Editor: MERIP Reports

Representative Publications: 


Academic Freedom After September 11. Editor. New York: Zone Books, 2006.

Family History in the Middle East: Household, Property, and Gender. Editor. Albany: SUNY Press, 2003.

I’adat iktishaf Filastin: ahali Jabal Nablus fi al-ahd al-Uthmani. Beirut: Institute for Palestine Studies, 1998. (Translation of Rediscovering Palestine, with additonal materials).

Rediscovering Palestine: Merchants and Peasants in Jabal Nablus, 1700-1900. Berkeley, UC Press, 1995.

Selected Articles

“The Power of Layers or the Layers of Power? The Social Life of Things as the Backbone of New Narratives.” In Benoit Junod, Georges Khalil, Stefan Weber, Gerhard Wolf (eds.), Islamic Art and the Museum: Discussions on Scientific and Museological Approaches to Art and Archaeology of the Muslim World., London: Saqi Books, 2011.

“Al-Mahdhufun min al-sard al-tarikhi,” (From Biblical Geography to Social History: Anglophone Studies on Palestine and the Palestinians). Majjalat al-Dirasat al-Filistiniyya., 84 (Fall 2010). 35-41.

“A Tribute Long Overdue: Rosemary Sayigh and Palestinian Studies.” Journal of Palestine Studies. 38:2 (Winter 2009). 6-11. (with Mayssoun Soukarieh).

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"Arshifat Filastin wa al-filastiniyun." In Zakaria Muhammad, Khalid Farraj, Salim Tamari, and Issam Nassar, Eds.Awraq `a’iliyya: Dirasat fi al-tarikh al-ijtima`i al-mu`asir li Filastin. Ramallah: Mu’asassat al-Dirasat al-Maqdasiyya, 2009. 11-19.

"Archiving Palestine and the Palestinians: The Patrimony of Ihsan Nimr."Jerusalem Quarterly, 36 (Winter 2009). 4-12.

"A Passing Storm or a Structural Shift? Challenges to Academic Freedom in the United States after September 11." In Willem B. Drees and Pieter Sjoerd van Koningsveld, Eds. The Study of Religion and the Training of Muslim Clergy in Europe. Leiden: Leiden University Press, 2008. 219-241.

Guest Editor, special issue of the Jerusalem Quarterly: Social Biographies and Family Histories. No. 30 (Spring 2007).

"My Grandmother and Other Stories: Histories of the Palestinians as Social Biographies," Jerusalem Quarterly, No. 30 (Spring 2007). 3-9.

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Co-guest editor with George Bisharat. "Open Forum: Strategizing Palestine." Journal of Palestine Studies, 35:3 (Spring 2006). 37-82.

"Between Coercion and Privatization: Academic Freedom in the Twenty-First Century." In Beshara Doumani, Editor. Academic Freedom After September 11. (New York: Zone Books, January 2006). 11-57.

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"Introduction." In Beshara Doumani, Editor. Family History in the Middle East: Household, Property, and Gender. Albany: SUNY Press, 2003. 1-19.

"Endowing Family: Waqf, Property and Gender in Tripoli and Nablus, 1800-1860."Comparative Studies in Society and History, 40:1 (1998), 3-41.

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"Palestinian Islamic Court Records: a Source for Socioeconomic History," MESA Bulletin, 19:2 (December, 1985), pp. 155-172.


Semester Course Title Syllabus
Fall 2011 12 The Middle East
Fall 2011 285F Provincial Life in Imperial Domains
Fall 2010 12 Introduction to the Middle East