Eloise Wright

Research Interests: 

My dissertation, entitled ‘Re-Writing Dali: Literati and Local Identity in Dali, Yunnan, 1253-1675,’ explore the history of the region that is now Yunnan province, in southwest China, through the lens of textual production. The city of Dali was a major trading centre and capital of an independent kingdom, which, after the pan-Eurasian disruptions caused by the Mongol conquests, found itself suddenly integrated with the empires to its north-east. Over the next four centuries, Dali received military and civilian migrants from all over the Yuan and Ming empires, while its political system and economic life was re-oriented towards imperial norms. As a result, Dali’s local elite families began to enter the examination system and, in their writings, adapted the hegemonic genres and ideology of the ‘locality’ (地方) to better position themselves within a changing imperial context and at same time maintain their local status and regional primacy.

Research Interests: 

Imperial China

Ming dynasty

Mongol empire

Borderlands history

Comparative colonialism

History of writing and textual practices

Graduate Position: 
PhD Candidate