Ari Edmundson

Visting Lecturer


Ari Edmundson received his PhD in History from UC Berkeley in May, 2019. Ari's research has focused on the intellectual history of European philosophy, social, political and legal theory, cybernetics, systems theory, and critical theory. His dissertation analyzed the history of the concept of contingency in modern German intellectual history by examining its role in the work of German sociological systems theorist Niklas Luhmann. It argued that this highly influential and ambiguous concept of contingency evolved from the cross-fertilization of ideas from multiple disciplinary contexts and traditions, including cybernetics, Christian theology, decision theory, German idealism, and legal theory. Since January 2018, Ari has helped teach and develop pedagogy for the Human Contexts and Ethics of Data course at Berkeley. He is currently a Project/Policy Analyst in the Division of Data Sciences and a Lecturer in the Department of History at UC Berkeley.