Sheer Ganor

PhD Candidate

Jewish History, Late Modern Europe

My dissertation studies the global diaspora of German-speaking Jews that emerged following the rise of Nazism. I'm interested in articulating what role a shared culture and a shared history could retain in light of a near-total dispersion, and to what extent did new environments create distinctions between German-Jewish communities worldwide. By exploring everyday experiences of displacement in various geographies, I identify the different ways in which members of this diaspora orientated themselves once they were thrust out of Central Europe to seek alternative homelands.

My research focus fields are Modern European History and Jewish History. At UC Berkeley, I have taught as a graduate student instructor for History of the Holocaust, Jewish Civilization: Modern Period and for History and Practice of Human Rights. I'm an active member of the Jewish Studies designated emphasis program and an organizer for Der Kreis, the German History and Culture working group.


"Forbidden Words, Banished Voices: Jewish Refugees at the Service of BBC Propaganda to Wartime Germany." 
In: Journal of Contemporary History (available online, forthcoming in print)

"Generation in-flux: Diasporic reflections on the future of German-Jewishness." 
In: Gideon Reuveni (ed.), The Future of the German Jewish Past, Purdue University Press (forthcoming)

Sheer Ganor, PhD Candidate

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