Peer Advisors


The Department of History is pleased to be able to provide peer advising to complement the advising offered by faculty and staff. Peer advisors are advanced history majors who have taken a wide variety of courses in the major and been trained in student services. Students with questions about the history major experience, specific courses, or who would like to brainstorm about potential fields of concentration or thesis topics are encourage to see our peers. We particularly encourage prospective freshman and transfer students to talk to our peers if they want the inside scoop on what studying history at Berkeley is really like.

In addition to meeting with our peer advisors on a drop-in basis, you may email them at or call the front office (510.642.1971) and ask to speak with a peer advisor during the hours posted below.

Advising Schedule — Spring 2019

Monday: 1-2pm (Geraint)

Tuesday: 11am–1pm (Bryce)

Wednesday: 12–2pm (Spencer); 3–4pm (Geraint)

Thursday: 10am–12pm (Katy); 2–4pm (Camryn)

Meet Our Peer Advisors

Image of Peer Adviser Bryce Lennan

Bryce — North America

About Bryce

Hi everyone! I'm Bryce, a fourth-year History Major and Education Minor hoping to pursue a career in education. I study United States history with a focus on immigration and education policy, but I'm interested in histories of all kinds!

In my three years so far at Cal, I have been fortunate enough to collaborate on several research projects in several departments. In my sophomore year, I spent time cataloguing the artifacts housed in the Phoebe Hearst Anthropology Museum. I spent my junior year studying correspondence from Indigenous women and the Bureau of Indian Affairs as a part of the Undergraduate Research Apprentice Program (URAP). Then, in the summer of 2018, I joined a team of researchers led by Professor Brilliant in an investigation of the economic impact of Japanese internment.

But although I do take every opportunity to expand my knowledge of history, I also have interests beyond my major. I am a mentor and director with the Sage Mentorship Project at Syliva Mendez Elementary, and I teach a DeCal on special topics in education. I also enjoy exploring the Bay, finding great restaurants with friends, and hiking East Bay's beautiful trails. I'm excited to get to know the new faces in the History Department and to help out in any way that I can, so feel free to come to my office hours to chat. I would love to meet you!

Bryce's History Courses

Current Courses


Completed Courses

History 5
European Civilization from the Renaissance to the Present — Professor Sahlins

History 7A
The United States from Settlement to Civil War — Professor DeLay

History 7B
The United States from Civil War to Present — Professor Einhorn

History 8A
Becoming Latin America, 1492 to 1824 — Professor Chowning

History 24 (Freshman Seminar)
Museums — Professor Laqueur

History 98BC/198BC
Lower & Upper Division Berkeley Connect

History 103D
Latinx Experiences in the United States — Dr. Elmore

History 103U
Frontier History — Professor Tackett

History 106B
The Roman Empire — Professor Noreña

History 128AC
California, the West, and the World — Professor Brilliant

History 130
American Foreign Policy — Professor Sargent

History 137AC
The Repeopling of America — Professor Henkin

History C139C
Civil Rights and Social Movements in U.S. History — Professor Martin

Camryn, 2018 Peer Advisor

Camryn — North America

About Camryn

Hello! My name is Camryn and I'm a fourth year concentrating on U.S. history. In my studies, I also love learning about the history of information (especially libraries + museums), urban history and cultural history. In my spare time I like exploring the bay, hiking, and going to concerts. Please stop by to chat about classes, life plans, history trivia or anything else!

Camryn's History Courses

Current Courses

History 5:
European Civilization from the Renaissance to the Present

History 103D:
American Values: Regulating Morality in the Twentieth Century

Completed Courses

History 3
After the Roman Empire: The East — Maria Mavroudi

History 7B
Introduction to the History of the United States: The United States from Civil War to Present — Robin Einhorn

History 100AC
Special Topics in the History of the United States — Stephanie Jones-Rogers

History 103D
Problems in Interpretation in Several Fields of History: United States — Yana Skorobogatov

History 103M
Problems in Interpretation in the Several Fields of History: Middle East — Zoe Griffith

History 109C
The Middle East from the 18th Century to the Present — Zoe Griffith

History 122AC
Antebellum America: The Advent of Mass Society — David Henkin

History 134A
The Age of the City: The Age of the City 1825-1933 — Gabriel Milner

History 143
Brazil — Javier Cikota

Geraint, 2018–2019 Peer Advisor

Geraint — Ancient Greece & Rome

About Geraint

Greetings! My name is Geraint (pronounced Jer-rant), and I am a third-year History and Global Studies double major. I hope to go either into International Relations or become a history professor (fingers crossed). My favorite time and place to study is the Roman Empire (Ancient Greece being a close second), with a dash of modern geopolitics on the side—although I will voraciously read anything on any time or place. I also particularly love using social and economic history in losing low-stakes/high-intensity historical arguments to my friends, winning historical strategy games (electronic and tabletop), and generally being a nerd. When not buried in schoolwork, I can be found buried in sci-fi/fantasy novels or looking for good places to eat throughout the Bay. Feel free to drop by to discuss courses, requirements, current events, anything historical, or anything interesting!

Geraint's History Courses

Current Courses

History 103B
Queen Elizabeth I — Prof. Shagan

History 122AC
Antebellum America: The Advent of Mass Society — Prof. Gold McBride 

Completed Courses

History 4A
Origins of Western Civilization: The Ancient Mediterranean World — Prof. Norena

History 4B
Origins of Western Civilization: Medieval Europe — Prof. Miller

History 14
Introduction to the History of Japan — Prof. Barshay

History 24
Freshman Seminar: American Foreign Policy — Prof. Sargent

History 39R
Freshman Sophomore Seminar: History of Heaven — Prof. Baumann

History 98BC
Berkeley Connect for Lower Division Students

History 100F
Special Topics in Asian History: The Mongol Empire — Prof. Baumann

History 103A
Between History and Political Theory: The Roman Republic in Western Thought — Christopher Blunda

History 105A 
Archaic and Classical Greek History — Prof. Mackil

History 105B
Ancient Greece: The Greek World: 403-31 BCE — Prof. Mackil

History 106B
Ancient Rome: The Roman Empire — Prof. Norena

History 108
Byzantium — Prof. Mavroudi

History 149B
Medieval Italy: Italy in the Age of Dante (1000-1350) — Prof. Miller

History 151A
Britain 1485-Present: Tudor & Stuart Britain, 1485-1660 — Prof. Rozumalski

History 168A
The Spanish and Portuguese Empires in the Golden Age: 1450-1700 — Prof. Dandelet

History 171B
Imperial Russia: From Peter the Great to the Russian Revolution — Prof. Frede

Katy, 2018–2019 Peer Advisor

Katy — North America

About Katy

Hi my name is Katy Carlson. I am double majoring in History and Political Science and will be a senior this year at Berkeley. Some of my experiences at Cal include playing on the women's ultimate frisbee team, the Pie Queens, being a member of Camp Kesem, working for two different professors in URAP and studying abroad in Berlin this last semester. I'm super excited to be a peer advisor this year and can't wait to meet some of you!

Katy's History Courses

Current Courses

History 125B

History 124A

History 103D (Daniel Robert)

Completed Courses

History 4A

History 7A

History 7B

History 14

History 24

History 100U

History 103E (Latin America)

History 162A

Spencer, 2018–2019 Peer Advisor

Spencer — North America

About Spencer

My name is Spencer Gondorf and I study U.S. history here at the University of California Berkeley. I spend most of my time studying the history of Silicon Valley and working with youngsters through the Sage Mentorship Project. Whether you need tips on how to transition from community college to Cal or want to learn how to navigate the halls of Dwinelle, I am the peer advisor for you!

Spencer's History Courses

Current Courses

History 101
Thesis Seminar (U.S. Topics) — Mark Brilliant

Completed Courses

History 100D
Wall Street to Main Street — Mark Brilliant & Steven Davidoff Solomon

History 103D
Contesting the American Past: A survey of historical discourse and memory from the Revolution to the present — Derek O'Leary

History 128AC
California, the West, and the World — Mark Brilliant

History 130
American Foreign Policy - Daniel Sargent

History 158C
Old and New Europe since 1914 — David Wetzel