Featured Courses | Spring 2017

Science, Technology, and Society (182A)
Where do modern science and technology come from? How did they become the most authoritative kind of knowledge in modern societies? How do technology, culture, and society interact? What drives technological change? The course examines these and other related questions using historical case studies from 1600 to the present.

Gender and Sexuality in Twentieth-Century US History (136B)
This course introduces students to the history of gender and sexuality in twentieth-century United States. We will learn about the distinctive history of women and men from 1900 to the present, the transformation of gender relations and sex roles, and how gender and sexuality have shaped the lives of different groups of women and men in twentieth century America.

Modern Southeast Asia (111B)
This course provides an introduction to the modern history of Southeast Asia. It examines key historical themes within the history of the region as a whole while exploring the national political narratives of the region’s largest countries: Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines and Burma.

Text Analysis for Digital Humanists & Social Scientists (100S)
Increasingly, humanity’s cultural material is being captured and stored in the form of electronic text. From historical documents, literature and poems, diaries, political speeches, and government documents, to emails, text messages, and social media, students from the humanities and social sciences now have access to immense amounts of rich, and diverse, text.

The Mongol Empire (100F)
For its enormity, wealth, and the brutality by which it was obtained, Chinggis Khan’s Mongol Empire has captured the imagination of the world. Yet the shadow of its legend obscures an historical reality of more than trivial pursuit, for perhaps more so than any other phenomenon, the Mongol Empire allows us a means to orient our understanding of world history. In its time it encompassed, whether politically, economically, or intellectually, everything, the known world as it was.

Ancient Sicily: A Mediterranean Crossroads (100AP)
Sicily sits in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, and its history is shaped by its position at the intersection of several cultural worlds. This course will explore the causes and consequences of human mobility in ancient Sicily from its first human inhabitants to Greek and Phoenician colonization to the Roman empire and beyond. Over centuries, willing and unwilling migrations shaped the social landscape of Sicily though a complex history of settlement, violence, and movement.