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Brilliant Pens L.A. Times Editorial "Fixing College Sports: In Fee Agency We Trust"

The NCAA must be feeling a bit like Dr. Frankenstein these days: assailed by college football and men's basketball players who reject the NCAA's precious, but mostly mythic, notion that they are student-athletes. At Northwestern University, a group of football players scored a first-round victory before the National Labor Relations Board in a... Read More

Tackett Wins ACLS Digital Innovation Fellowship

As the 21st century unfolds the ubiquity of technology is becoming more and more clear. Whether its drones, smartphones, or 3D printers, the future is now, even when it comes to the study of the past.

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History Homecoming 2014: The Lost Art of the Letter

Some contend the letter is dead; a vestige of a bygone era long since replaced with Gmail, text messages, and social media. But is the letter nearing extinction, or are we witnessing the ebb and flow of communication and how history is made? At UC Berkeley’s “History Homecoming: The Lost Art of the Letter,” faculty panelists traced the... Read More

DeLay Discusses U.S.-Mexico Relations on “BackStory with the American History Guys”

UC Berkeley Professor of History Brian DeLay appeared on “BackStory with the American History Guys,” a public radio program and podcast hosted by American historians Peter Onuf, Ed Ayers, and Brian Balogh. DeLay appears on the episode “Border Crossings: A History of U.S.-Mexico Relations,” where he discusses the two-front war Mexico faced in... Read More