Department News

Pair of History Faculty Win Book Awards

UC Berkeley Department of History Faculty members Maureen Miller and Nick Tackett have each been awarded prizes for their most recent books. Miller’s book Clothing the Clergy: Virtue and Power in Medieval Europe, c. 800-1200 was awarded the John Gilmary Shea Prize of the American Catholic Historical Association, for the most distinguished work... Read More

Celebration of Professor Tom Laqueur's Berkeley Teaching Career

Over the weekend of September 4-5, a large group of Professor Tom Laqueur's former and current students, colleagues, and friends gathered at the Social Science Matrix Center for a conference on the occasion of Tom's 70th birthday. Pictured below, with Professor Laqueur and English department colleague Catherine Gallagher, are some 26 of his... Read More

Jones-Rogers Weighs on Charleston Massacre and black life in America

“Was already weary. Was already heavy hearted. Was already tired. Where can we be safe? Where can we be free?” I excerpted these words from a tweet that Solange Knowles (Beyoncé’s younger sister) posted on June 18th at 6:49pm, the evening after Dylann Roof walked into Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina,... Read More

History Professor Jones-Rogers Talks History and Racial Identity on The Berkeley Blog

Recently, I was watching television and became captivated by the story of a fascinating woman. She was born to parents who claimed one racial identity, which was affixed to her through infancy, childhood, and adolescence. When she grew to be a woman, she made a choice to become someone else. She divorced herself from everyone and everything... Read More