Women in the Department of History

An Introduction 

Mary Elizabeth Berry, Class of 1944 Professor of History Emerita

One hundred fifty years ago, on October 3, 1870, the Board of Regents 150W Logounanimously approved the resolution: “That young ladies be admitted into the University on equal terms in all respects with young men.” Units across the campus are marking the anniversary by honoring “the remarkable women who have studied at, worked for, and contributed to UC Berkeley” and, more broadly, the “gender diversity and inclusivity in our vibrant academic community” (Carol Christ, in a letter of 4/12/20). Find extensive information about the project at 150 Years of Women at Berkeley.

As the links on this page indicate, our department’s contributions to the project begin, but only begin, with a focus on the faculty. In addition to enriching this material, we hope that members of our extended community will help build sections on our alumnae, current students, staff, and friends and family. Thematic sections would also be wonderful. No boundaries! Please be in touch with us by clicking the “Comments” title. You will see that we have a raw start on our Ph.D. recipients in the form of a list of names 1950-2020. We so welcome partners ready to push past start on this and so many other topics. (Contributions to the “Voices” section encouraged from everyone!) With great gratitude and admiration, I salute Maya Sisneros for her brilliant work on this site.