Appendix VI: Forms

Forms for Students

Forms are linked below or available from the Graduate Assistant, Room 3312 Dwinelle Hall.

Name of Petition


*General History Petition


Requests for exceptions to program requirements.
(Consult with field advisor.)

*Approval of Fields for PhD


Must have fields approved before constituting PhD exam committee. Normally done by the end of the first year.

*Constitution of PhD Oral Qualifying Exam Committee


Consult faculty in field and adviser. Form should be completed no later that 1 1/2 months prior to proposed exam date.

Fulfillment of Foreign Language by History 280, 285, 299


Consult seminar instructor. Form should be completed at the beginning of the semester.

Advancement to Candidacy for MA


Apply to Department Graduate Assistant no later that the 5th wk of the semester in which requirements for the degree will be completed.

Advancement to Candidacy for PhD


Official forms are available from the Graduate Assistant after passing oral exam. Form must be submitted to Grad Div by the prescribed time in order to be considered for DCF or DNTF Fellowship. In addition, international students will receive a reduction in non-resident supplemental tuition (NRST).

GSI Application

Due February 1st for following year and for summer session of the current year.

Non-Resident Supplemental Tuition Scholarship

Granted on basis of merit, need, & amt. previously received. Due February 1st for following year.

*Application for Readmission

Due early summer  for the following Fall and  early Fall for the  following Spring.

If student has been withdrawn for more than 5 years, the readmission application must be submitted by December ONE to the Admissions Assistant, AND student must use the online Graduate Application for Admission and Fellowship to re-apply and upload all required application materials by December ONE. Student is then  reviewed against the new applicant pool.

*Change of College, School, Major, etc.


Requires approval of GAC & signature of Head grad Adviser. The deadline for change of major to History is December 1st for fall entry.

Reader Application

Submit application to Graduate Assistant.

Removal of Incomplete

Submit form to instructor when coursework is completed.

GSHIP Exemption

Waiver of health insurance fee due to comparable coverage. Apply to Tang Center.


In Absentia Status (Reduced University Registration Fee)

Students advanced to doctoral candidacy may apply for in absentia status for up to four semesters if the research is of a nature that makes it necessary to be completed outside California for an entire academic semester.

Archival Research Letter

Available on the History website under Graduate Program (Enrolled Graduate Students).


Filing Fee Application

Filing fee status is in lieu of registration for those about to file their dissertation. To be eligible, students must have been registered the previous semester and must apply for filing fee by the end of the first week of classes in the semester in which they intend to file.


*Subject to the approval of the Graduate Advisers Committee.
Petitions are to be submitted to the Graduate Assistant unless otherwise noted.
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