Appendix VI: Forms

Forms for Students

Forms are linked below or available from the Graduate Assistant, Room 3312 Dwinelle Hall.

Name of Petition


*General History Petition


Requests for exceptions to program requirements.
(Consult with field advisor.)

*Approval of Fields for PhD


Must have fields approved before constituting PhD exam committee. Normally done by the end of the first year.

*Constitution of PhD Oral Qualifying Exam Committee


Consult faculty in field and adviser. Form should be completed no later that 1 1/2 months prior to proposed exam date.

Fulfillment of Foreign Language by History 280, 285, 299


Consult seminar instructor. Form should be completed at the beginning of the semester.

*Application for Readmission

Due early summer  for the following Fall and  early Fall for the  following Spring.

If student has been withdrawn for more than 5 years, the readmission application must be submitted by December ONE to the Admissions Assistant, AND student must use the online Graduate Application for Admission and Fellowship to re-apply and upload all required application materials by December ONE. Student is then  reviewed against the new applicant pool.

*Subject to the approval of the Graduate Advisers Committee.
Petitions are to be submitted to the Graduate Assistant unless otherwise noted.
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