Admir Skodo


PhD, European University Institute, 2011

Postdoctoral Scholar, UC Berkeley, 2012-2014

President of the UC Berkeley Humanities and Social Sciences Association (, 2013- 


Research Interests

Lie in modern European intellectual and cultural history, theory of history, and the history and theory of modern immigration. Admir has published articles and chapters on pragmatism and eugenics, the history of logic, analytical philosophy and intellectual history, and the history of modern European historiography. His first monograph, The Afterlife of Idealism: The Impact of New Idealism on British Historical and Political Thought, 1945-1980 was published by Palgrave Macmillan (2016).

Project Summary

Drawing on conceptual history, critical theory of race, and global history I am studying the construction of the concept of the Afghan immigrant and the "immigrant question" in the United States and Sweden during the Cold War and the Global War on Terror. I will be examining ways in which the state, NGOs, voluntary associations, international organizations, immigration lawyers, and immigrants themselves have constructed and contested one of the key social and political concepts of the modern era. The project is based at the South Asian Studies Network at Lund University.

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March 19, 2017