Christopher Lawson

Curriculum Vitae: 
Research Interests: 

I entered the PhD program in 2014 and am working under the supervision of Professor James Vernon.  My dissertation is a multi-sited study of the collapse of Britain's core industries over the course of the 20th century, with comparisons and connections to similar histories industrial decline in Western Europe, Canada, and the US.  It examines the economic and political causes of deindustrialisation, the social and cultural impacts of plant closures on working class neighbourhoods, and the efforts by government and local residents to halt the decline and revitalise their communities.

I hold a Master of Arts in History from McGill University (graduate 2014), where I worked on under the supervision of Brian Lewis, and a Honours Bachelor of Arts in History and Human Geography at the University of Toronto (graduated 2013)

(away on research in Spring 2017)

Research Interests: 
Late Modern Europe
20th Century Britain
British Empire
Postcolonial Migration
Social and Working Class History
Urban Geography
Canadian History
Graduate Position: 
PhD Candidate