Elliott Cramer

Research Interests: 

<p>I am interested in all elements of cultural exchange in the colonial Atlanic, but particularly in the ways in which theology, worship, and ecclesiastical polity changed in the course of their migration to the new world, as well as the relationship of indigenous religious innovations to developments in the old world. My undergraudate training was in philosophy and theology, though I began working my way towards history with an MPhil in Ecclesiastical History. In the course of my master's degree I researched the English Church in colonial Virginia, with particular attention to the effect of the English Civil Wars on religon in Virignia and the role of commissary James Blair. My master's thesis scrutinized the oft-remarked-upon friendship of Roger Williams and Sir Henry Vane for any evidence of theological cross-fertilization. While at Berkeley I hope to continue to broaden my knowledge of both European and American religious thought and practice.</p>

Research Interests: 
Ecclesastical History
Anglican Church in Colonial America
English Civil War
Sir Henry Vane
Graduate Position: 
Graduate Student