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Brendan Mackie
PhD Candidate Early Modern Europe
Ula Madej-Krupitski
PhD Candidate
Office hours: Tuesday 4-6 pm
History of the Holocaust: Sections 101 (W 3-4) and 102 F (11-12)
Late Modern Europe, Jewish
Jesus Madrigal Late Modern Europe
Coleman R. Mahler
Graduate Student East Asia
Ron Mordechai Makleff
PhD Candidate Early Modern Europe
Scott McGinnis
PhD Candidate East Asia
Peter Michelli
Graduate Student Medieval
Helen Miney
Graduate Student
Latin American History: Modern Latin America
Latin America and the Caribbean
Ivana Mirkovic
PhD Candidate Britain
Shaivya Mishra
Graduate Student South Asia
Anthony Morreale
Graduate Student Southeast Asia
James D.D.J. Morton
PhD Candidate Byzantine
Jordan Mursinna
Graduate Student Science