Graduate Student Directory

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Mariam Sabri
Graduate Student South Asia, Middle East
Franklin Sammons
PhD Candidate North America
Henry Schmidt
Graduate Student Science
Kerry Shannon
PhD Candidate East Asia
Julia Shatz
PhD Candidate Middle East
Yana Skorobogatov
PhD Candidate Late Modern Europe
Agnieszka Smelkowska
PhD Candidate
With a generous support of the German Academic Exchange (DAAD), I am currently on research—Germany/Poland till April, Ukraine in May and Russia/Central Asia June-August.
Late Modern Europe
Richard K. Smith
Graduate Student Late Modern Europe
Charli Spier
Graduate Student Ancient Greece and Rome
Maxwell R Staley
PhD Candidate Early Modern Europe
Sarah E Stoller
PhD Candidate Late Modern Europe
James Stone-Lunde
Graduate Student East Asia
Christene Stratman
Graduate Student Medieval
Samuel Stubblefield
Graduate Student Ancient Greece and Rome
Christopher Sullivan
Graduate Student Latin America and the Caribbean