Graduate Student Directory

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Mariam Sabri
Graduate Student South Asia, Middle East
Franklin Sammons
PhD Candidate America since 1607
Henry Schmidt
Graduate Student Science
Brendan Shanahan
PhD Candidate
Office hours: Wed 2-3pm (270 Evans Hall)
HIST 100D: Wall Street/Main Street
America since 1607
Kerry Shannon
PhD Candidate East Asia
Julia Shatz
PhD Candidate Middle East
Yana Skorobogatov
PhD Candidate Late Modern Europe
Agnieszka Smelkowska
PhD Candidate
With a generous support of the German Academic Exchange (DAAD), I am currently on research—Germany/Poland till April, Ukraine in May and Russia/Central Asia June-August.
Late Modern Europe
Richard K. Smith
Graduate Student Late Modern Europe
Charli Spier
Graduate Student Ancient Greece and Rome
Maxwell R Staley
PhD Candidate Early Modern Europe
Sarah E Stoller
PhD Candidate Late Modern Europe
James Stone-Lunde
Graduate Student East Asia
Christene Stratman
Graduate Student Medieval
Samuel Stubblefield
Graduate Student Ancient Greece and Rome
Christopher Sullivan
Graduate Student Latin America and the Caribbean