Joseph Ledford

Curriculum Vitae: 
Research Interests: 

I study the history of United States foreign relations with a general interest in the formulation of foreign policy and the exercise of American power in the world, especially during the Ronald Reagan administration. My research also focuses on presidential power and the relationship between domestic politics and foreign affairs. Geographically, I concentrate on the role of the U.S. in Latin America and the Middle East. Beyond American foreign relations history, my interest gravitates toward International Relations and Strategy.

My current project is on the Iran-Contra Affair. It addresses how and why the affair resulted from Reagan's foreign policy and his battle with Congress over its execution. I examine the political and strategic conditions that produced Iran-Contra and their relation to the Cold War and the role of presidential power in conducting foreign affairs.

I am the founder and lead-organizer of the Berkeley Working Group on Strategy and Statecraft.

Research Interests: 

American Foreign Policy
The Cold War
International Relations

Graduate Position: 
Graduate Student