Lena Rudeck


PhD Student at the International Max Planck Research School for Moral Economies of Modern Societies and Freie Universität, Berlin/Germany

My dissertation is about American, British and French soldiers‘ clubs in occupied Germany (1945-55). I analyze them as sites of encounters between the occupiers and the occupied, emphasizing on the question of agency in occupied societies. The members of the Allied forces interacted off-duty with Germans in such spaces, while at the same time, these clubs gave the occupied population the opportunity to take part in another lifestyle: Germans could listen to jazz music, which had been forbidden under the National Socialists, and could explore different styles of clothing, dancing and behavior. Thus, a new repertoire of emotional practices arose which led to heated controversies in postwar Germany.

During my stay in Berkeley, I will analyze the collected material related to German jazz musicians in order to write the first chapter of the dissertation.