Max Schmeder

Research Interests: 

"Affordances of Waves and Forms in Nineteenth-Century Thought"

I am studying nineteenth-century attempts to grasp a new category of entity: waves and other forms that surf the material plane. Wave/Form ontologies permeated and leavened nineteenth century thought, overturning the Enlightenment's reduction of processes to discrete material parts.

My research explores these questions among others:

  • How did the unique qualities of waves and flowing forms reshape disciplines? (especially: Music, philosophy, mathematics, biology)
  • How is Romanticism related to the wave ontology?
  • How did wave-form ontologists present their objectvity in the face of scientific norms that defined rationality vis-a-vis discrete things?
Research Interests: 

Music Theory, History of Science, Sentimental Literature

Graduate Position: 
Graduate Student