Morgan G. Ames

Visiting Lecturer
Office Hours: 
Monday, 2–3 p.m. (Spring 2018)
543 Stephens

Morgan G. Ames is a research fellow at the Center for Science,Technology, Medicine, and Society at the University of California,Berkeley. Morgan's research explores the role of utopianism in the technology world, and the imaginary of the "technical child" as fertile ground for this utopianism. Based on eight years of archivaland ethnographic research, she is writing a book on One Laptop per Child which explores the cultural history of the project and the cultural politics of a model site in Paraguay. Her next project examines the role that utopianism plays in discourses around childhood, education, and 'development' in two geographically overlapping but culturally divided worlds: developer culture of Silicon Valley and the working-class and immigrant communities in the San Francisco Bay Area. Morgan's PhD is in communication (with a minor in anthropology) from Stanford, and she also has a B.A. in computer science and M.S. in information science from the University of California, Berkeley.

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Semester Course Title Syllabus
Spring 2018 C251 Science and Technology Studies Research Seminar