Samuel Robinson

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My dissertation, “Redeeming the Flesh: Religious Materialism in Early Enlightenment Britain, 1640-1715,” examines how Britons reimagined the material world as they interrogated the relationship between God, corporeal bodies, and immaterial substances. Scholars have questioned the teleological presumptions connecting early modern materialism with atheistic philosophy; this project, however, moves beyond a single axis of religiosity that gauges ideas as either anticipating or deferring an elusive paradigm of secularism. Instead, my study reveals how the Christian project of corporeal redemption became literalized—understanding the body’s relationship to God motivated the investigation into the nature of body, soul, and spirit. Drawing on archival work in repositories across the United Kingdom, I argue that heterodox Protestants increasingly understood the influence of spiritual substance as a broader materialized experience of divine contact. These early moderns refashioned bodies as worthy of care, attention, and redemption as they increasingly understood theological issues—including the nature of God, spirit, and salvation—as embedded in human nature.

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Religious History

Intellectual History

History of the Body

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PhD Candidate