Stacey Van Vleet

Visiting Lecturer
Office Hours: 
Tuesday/Thursday, 2–4 p.m. (Spring 2018)
2305 Dwinelle

PhD, History-East Asia, Columbia University
MA, Anthropology, University of Colorado, Boulder
AB, Public Policy Studies, Duke University

Research Interests: 

Stacey Van Vleet is a historian of early modern and modern East Asia, with research and teaching interests in the history of religion and science, culture and ethnicity, and governance during China's transition from empire to nation. Her current book project, Plagues, Precious Pills, and the Politics of Learning in Qing China, reveals how a vast network of Tibetan medical institutions across the northern Qing Empire (1644-1911) made technologies of Buddhism central to imperial governance, and how its dismantling was crucial to the making of a secular modern Chinese state.

Representative Publications: 

"Towards a Social History of Tibetan Medical Manuscripts." In A Manual of Tibetan Manuscript Studies, ed. Matthew T. Kapstein. Cornell University Press. Forthcoming.

"Medicine as Impartial Knowledge: The Fifth Dalai Lama, the Tsarong School, and Debates of Tibetan Medical Orthodoxy." In The Tenth Karmapa & Tibet's Turbulent Seventeenth Century. Chicago: SerIndia Publications, 2016.

“Children’s Healthcare and Astrology in the Nurturing of a Central Tibetan Nation-State, 1916-24.” Asian Medicine 6(2): 348-386, 2010-11.


Semester Course Title Syllabus
Spring 2017 117A Chinese Popular Culture
Fall 2017 117A Chinese Popular Culture